LED Light Box

LED Light Box


• Advertisement Panels in Malls, Airports, hotels
• Sign boards for shops, hospitals, hotels
• Bus stops / Railway stations
• Menu boards in restaurants


• Uses unique edge lit technology for uniform transmission of light
• Use of laser engraved light guide panel enhances the lumen output
• Available in various sizes up to even up to 15 feet
• Slender design with depth from 8mm to 32mm
• Attractive aluminum frame (anodized) much superior to powder coated CRC sheet.
• Various designs to choose from - including clip type, stick type, single side / double side display etc.
• Special designs for both outdoor & indoor usage ( IP20, IP 54, IP 65)
• Consumes almost 70 to 85% less energy than conventional light boxes.
• Life of over 30,000 hours

Lumitis Light Box - Working principle Conventional Method

In the conventional system being used for back lit advertisement Panels, the light box has numerous tubes at the rear cover of the box and we have an acrylic or plastic top having the picture or the signage. The disadvantages of the system are :

1) Non Uniform light distribution with dark spots
2) In case even one or two tubes fail, the signage appearance is not good and the whole panel needs to be     dismantled and fixed.
3) High Power consumption especially in large panels.
4) The Product is heavy and requires strong supporting system.

Lumitis - LGP Technology
In the LGP Technology, instead of lighting being at the back (back lit), the light source (LED) are on the edge of the distribution plate and the light is transmitted across the panel uniformly through the laser cut V-grooves across the plate.

The secret to the slim profile of Edge light signs is the location of the light source and the innovation design of the optical light plate. The LED Lights are mounted on the edge of the light plate, rather than behind as in conventional signs, which significantly reduced the thickness of the signs. The light travels through the sign with the help of the laser-dotting pattern, v-cutting pattern or digital printed dot screen.

The size and density of the dots on the plate vary according to their distance to the LED Light source. This pattern brings out a very bright and even distribution of light across the entire plate.
Schematic diagram of LGP Princple

Lumitis Light boxes are customized products and will be made as per the requirement of customer. The following information may be provided :

1) Size of the light box ( Length, width and depth)
2) Lux level
3) Type - clip type / stick type
4) Hinged or svrew type
5) Single side or double side display
6) Any other special requirements

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